Seasonal forecasts in local languages

BR-EN-climate-change-Uganda-seasonal-forecastUganda's community-based radio will have a crucial role in spreading seasonal forecasts in local languages © Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

A pilot project to communicate seasonal forecasts in local languages for small-scale farmers in Uganda is soon to be expanded to Ethiopia and Kenya. The African Climate Change Resilience Alliance (ACCRA), a consortium of NGOs, is supporting the translation of the forecasts in 12 local languages in Uganda. The translated scripts are disseminated through workshops, farmers' meetings, NGOs, schools and local government networks. The forecasts are also supplied on audio CD to FM stations broadcasting in local languages.

Dr Teshome, who heads the Ethiopian Meteorological Agency in Addis Ababa says that climate information must be available in local languages to make it useful for small-scale farmers. Programme coordinator, Professor John Muthama, believes the potential benefits of the intervention, in boosting productivity in the Greater Horn of Africa and enabling farmers to cope better with recurrent droughts, will see it being replicated in other countries. The project is also looking at innovative ways to provide information on health, agriculture, energy and infrastructure.

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