PU-Useful-TimbersThe Plant Resources of Tropical Africa programme aims to produce an encyclopaedia on more than 7,000 useful plants. This latest addition completes a two part volume on trees whose primary use is timber, detailing 693 species from 60 families. Comprehensive descriptions of the 150 most important species include useful distribution maps and diagrams of the major plant features. The level of detail across a range of subjects is highly impressive. As well as technical sections on wood anatomy and plant description, there are sections covering propagation and planting, management methods and threats to genetic diversity.
The volume reaffirms the extraordinarily diverse uses that trees provide. The African Oak (Afzelia africana), for example, has orange to golden brown heartwood that resists fungal, termite and borer attacks. Equally resistant to many chemical products, it is even preferred to metals and synthetics for making vats and precision industrial equipment. And beyond its primary value as a timber, the tree is used to supply fodder, soil fertility, medicines and ornaments. For a comprehensive treatment of African trees, look no further.

Timbers 2: Plant Resources of Tropical Africa 7(2)
Edited by R H M J Lemmens, D Louppe & A A Oteng-Amoako
PROTA/CTA, 2012; 804 pp. + CD-ROM
ISBN 978-92-9081-496-2
CTA no. 1695
60 credit points

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