No 175 - April-May 2015

Impact of refugees on resources

Counting the cost

The presence of refugees, and the demands they impose on the economy, services, infrastructure and resources, is a matter of great concern for many poor countries.

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Decision support systems

Open and big data

Reliable data enables governments to draw up and assess more efficient policies and stakeholders to make better decisions. Agricultural statistics slipped out of favour to some extent until the mid-2000s, but the exponential increase in data volumes has prompted reinvestment in statistical information systems.

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• Vincent Blondel's viewpoint

• Field report from Côte d’Ivoire


Serena Milano

10,000 fair food gardens

The Slow Food International Foundation for Biodiversity has launched an ambitious project in Africa to protect biodiversity and support local food cultures. But can developing countries really afford to promote organic agriculture?

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Medicinal plants

Going wild for new opportunities

Sustainable harvesting and processing of medicinal plants for use in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries is providing valuable livelihood opportunities for rural communities.

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