No 174 - February-March 2015

Sustainable development goals

Setting the course

2015 will undoubtedly be a pivotal year for the development agenda. The dialogue, which began in 2012 between UN Member States, civil society and the private sector on the post-2015 period, is well underway. What about ACP countries in agriculture?

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Feeding Africa’s livestock

Fodder and forage solutions

The forecasted doubling of demand for meat and milk in developing countries in the next two decades offers significant opportunities for livestock producers. However, the availability of - and access to - quality fodder and livestock feed remains an important constraint.

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• Emmanuel Osei Akuamoah's viewpoint

• Field report from Malawi


Afiavi Rita Agboh-Noameshie

Empowering Africa’s women through rice

Women play a crucial role along the rice value chain and their needs should be considered in technology development and dissemination.

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A festive commodity

Lychees from the Indian Ocean region are choice fruits enjoyed over the Christmas and New Year period in Europe. Madagascar focuses on high volume production, whereas lychee producers in other areas are geared more towards marketing high quality fruit. The organic and fair trade sectors are also taking a foothold, to the benefit of smallholders.

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