No 173 - December 2014-January 2015


Together in sickness and health

Headline-grabbing outbreaks bring global attention to the diseases we share with animals. But compartmentalising human and animal health is a habit we are still trying to break.

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Empowering women

Over 50% of all economically active women in developing regions work in the agricultural sector, but the gender gap persists. It is therefore essential to mainstream gender in production enhancement policies, while also empowering women.

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• Dr Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg's viewpoint

• Field report from Burkina Faso


Fabrice Larue

A new age for African cooperatives

Agricultural cooperatives now have considerable leeway to set out their operational and governance strategies following publication of the Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa (OHADA) Uniform Act on Cooperatives.

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Tree of life

Regulatory approval for baobab in global markets is providing a promising new export market opportunity for African dryland farmers.

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