No 172 - October-November 2014

Climate-smart agriculture

A practical or idealistic approach?

Agriculture must be tailored to current and future climate change patterns to ensure tomorrow’s food production.

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Revolutionising agri-finance

Bridging the gap

Financing agricultural value chains is a major challenge in ACP countries. To promote access to credit and reduce financial risks, CTA co-organised an international conference (Fin4Ag) in July 2014 in Nairobi with over 750 participants advocating the reinvention of current business and regulatory finance models.

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• Esther Muiruri's viewpoint

• Report from Kenya


Adimaimalaga Tafuna’I

Reaping the benefits of mobile apps

The complexity and costs of ICTs can be a barrier for smallholder farmers. Women in Business Development Inc (WIBDI), an NGO in Samoa, has embarked on designing and commissioning a suite of mobile apps to assist its extension workers, farmers and markets.

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From the nursery to the cup

Cameroon’s export coffee sector has had trouble taking off. But stakeholders who believe in its future are readily integrating into the value chain - right to the consumer’s cup. Cameroonian coffee exports are not yet buoyant despite the range of incentive policies and projects that have been implemented.

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