No 171 - August-September 2014

Tools for young farmers

Effective policies are essential

Few combined agriculture-youth oriented policies and specific instruments have been drawn up and implemented to date, although initiatives abound.

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Origin-linked products

Certifiably one of a kind

When a region grows a product that can’t be matched anywhere else, consumers take note. Will geographical indications turn these sources of local pride into global brands?

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• Marie-Antoinette Haba's viewpoint

• Report from Cameroon


Chris Addison

Turning information into action

Knowledge management (KM) is one of CTA’s main focuses. In recent years, the Centre has supported the development of KM platforms to better generate and circulate information from one region to another, and between different actors.

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A sweet renaissance

The development of a range of sugarcane by-products has revitalised the Mauritian sugar industry - a winning strategy.

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