No 170 - June-July 2014

Water grabbing

The hidden cost of land acquisition

With the recent rise in foreign investment for land in Africa, is greater insight and policy intervention needed on the impact on water access and rights for local communities?

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South-south cooperation

Emerging nations play the agricultural card

The growing presence of emerging countries on the world stage is driven primarily by economics, but geopolitical and diplomatic aspirations are also high and South-South cooperation is one way of achieving them.

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• Jean-Joseph Boillot's viewpoint

• Field report from Congo


Dennis Garrity

Evergreen Agriculture: rethinking modern farming

The Evergreen Agriculture Partnership was launched in 2009 to build the capacity of smallholder farmers to integrate trees in their cropping systems in order to increase productivity ...

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Time to trade up?

One of the world’s oldest domesticated plants, taro, is consumed worldwide and is of particular cultural importance in the Pacific region. Demand for the root crop in western markets is also providing increased opportunities for export with breeding research and use of ICTs making the product more competitive in price and quality.

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