No 169 - April-May 2014

Nutrition Security

Hidden hunger is not inevitable

“The right to food cannot be reduced to a right not to starve”, emphasises Olivier de Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food. Until recently, nutrition has been neglected, only being addressed in emergency situations and/or in sector-specific programmes.

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The digital revolution

Buoyed by advances in ICT, a ‘digital revolution’ is creating a renaissance in developing countries’ agricultural value chain systems.

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• Report from Cameroon


Mitchell Lay

Achieving sustainability in the Caribbean fisheries sector

Across the Caribbean, the fisheries sector directly and indirectly employs over 182,000 people. Small-scale fisheries are vital for local employment, as well as ensuring food security and good nutrition.

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Tropical wood

A change of perception

Over recent decades, Congo Basin governments – under pressure from NGOs – have passed legislation to increase the value of their timber exports pending the development of a true local market for finished products.

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