No 168 - February-March 2014

Lessons from CAADP

10 years of Africa’s big push

In 2003, leaders of the African Union met in Maputo, Mozambique in a time of crisis. Harvests were failing across Central and Eastern Africa; famine haunted Ethiopia; and agricultural sectors stagnated in many countries.

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Genetic livestock improvement

Major forthcoming changes

Livestock production is of major socio-economic importance in ACP countries, contributing significantly to peoples’ livelihoods while playing a key role in food security and rural development, often with a critical socio-cultural dimension.

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• Dr C. Valentine Yapi-Gnaoré's viewpoint

• Field report from Senegal


Sonia Jorge

Internet access for all

Founded in 2012, the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI), is a coalition of diverse members, such as USAID, Google and the Grameen Foundation, with a common objective - to provide internet access to the poor.

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Sweet success?

As an alternative to poaching, timber-felling and charcoal burning by many of Kenya’s poorest rural communities, Honey Care Africa has sought to improve the productivity and viability of honey production for domestic markets.

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