No 167 - December 2013-January 2014

EU-ACP fisheries agreements

The implementation challenge

EU-ACP fisheries agreements have been reformed under the new European Common Fisheries Policy. Resource sustainability, good maritime governance...

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Higher education

Wheels of change

ACP universities are on the cusp of change as they strive to provide relevant higher education to the next generation of graduates, who will have to meet the development challenges of the 21st century. Through curriculum reform, partnership and use of ICTs, innovations to transform the way education is delivered are increasing across the regions.

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• Adipala Ekwamu's viewpoint

• Field report from Uganda


Sanou Soumaïla

Advocating for West African grain

Many obstacles stand in the way of grain trade in West Africa. For Sanou Soumaila, grain does not circulate as it should throughout the sub-region. Initiated in 2009, the first West African Grains Network (WAGN) was officially launched in Lomé in March 2013...

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Flower packaging

Delicate handling is priceless

What could be better than receiving a rose, especially a white one? But what a disappointment if it is blemished, even slightly. Blemishes on otherwise spotless roses are often the result of a lack of expertise and good packaging practices in producing countries.

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