No 166 - October-November 2013

Land pressure

Small island crunch

Competing visions of coastal development in the face of sea level rise; depleted soils and upland deforestation; private land ownership versus communal land tenure: small island states face uncertain times ahead, with conflicting demands on limited land. Are there any obvious ways forward?

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A bright future for Africa

With rapid urban population growth and economic development in Africa, new, profitable markets herald a promising future for aquaculture. The African Union (AU) and the New Partnership for Africa’s Development...

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• Fred Formanek's viewpoint

• Report from Madagascar


Ellen Olafsen

Supporting growth: oriented agribusiness in Africa

A thriving and competitive agribusiness sector relies on good infrastructure, effective policies and regulations, and access to appropriate financing...

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The time is ripe

While Eastern African farmers grow plenty of bananas, poor market organisation and limited value addition have seriously constrained the development of the sector. But projects of all sizes are now starting to focus on better bargaining with bananas and making more of matooke.

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