No 165 - August-September 2013

Green business

A promising market for agricultural enterprises

Preserving forests, conserving water and recycling waste contribute to making agriculture more sustainable.

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Trees on the farm

Agroforestry spreads fresh branches

In Haiti, once-lush natural forest cover has long since succumbed to deforestation. Land was first cleared for plantations and, as the nation’s population grew, for subsistence farming and charcoa ...

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• Sairusi Bulai's Viewpoint

• Report from Cameroon


Agnes Kalibata

Modernising agriculture through technology

ICTs are being introduced in Rwanda through strong policies, to transform agriculture from subsistence farming to a market-oriented economic sector, as well as to create jobs for the youth.

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sweet potato

An amazing tuber

Sweet potato is a major tuber crop throughout Africa and the Pacific region, yet it is one of the least marketed. This is a paradox since production of this food crop has been growing steadily over the last 40 years.

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