No 164 - June-July 2013


Incubating young agripreneurs

The business incubator model has proved successful in many countries. Can it be applied to agribusiness in ACP countries to launch a new generation of agriculture entrepreneurs?

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Index insurance

Managing risks

African smallholder farmers are increasingly exposed to risks, particularly due to the changing climate.

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• Fatou Assah's Viewpoint

• Field report from Rwanda


Michael Osei

Halting the brain drain of young researchers

In Africa, young agricultural researchers in the public sector face many obstacles. Despite their passion, they are often tempted to leave institutional research centres to join private companies, or even work abroad.

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Making the cut

With the potential to be self-sufficient across many island states, the Caribbean’s poultry industry is diverse and rapidly evolving to provide a variety of value-added and branded products.

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