No 162 - February-March 2013

Niche markets

Venturing beyond certification

Certification programmes such as fair trade and organic have allowed small producers to step out of bulk commodity export markets and into higher value niches in the last two decades.

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Labour conditions

Ongoing projects

From large farms to small plots, working conditions, even for children, are often harsh and dangerous - accidents, health problems related to the misuse of pesticides, environmental pollution.

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• Tometo Kalhoulé's Viewpoint

• Field report from Mali


Sean De Cleene

Africa’s brave new world

With 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land and agricultural yields far below global averages, African countries have the scope to make a significant contribution to increasing food production globally.

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Dairy products

Local milk a hot item

Local dairy companies and consumers in ACP countries generally source their powdered milk via imports, but this should not hamper the organisation of a highly promising local dairy sector.

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