Smoking catfish in Senegal

How can traditional African food products be made more appetising for urban consumers in both Africa and Europe? How can products made on a small-scale be adapted so they can be marketed on a wider scale and conform to current tastes and standards? AFTER, an EU project that is initially being implemented in Benin, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Madagascar, Senegal and South Africa, plans to answer these questions.

The idea behind this CIRAD-led initiative is to take a fresh look at traditional products, methods and processes and analyse them in detail. From the picture that emerges, researchers will seek to make the improvements and modifications needed to the various stages of production and processing so that products will be more acceptable to urban consumers on both continents.

Three types of product have been identified for the venture: cereal-based fermented foods, others derived from dried meat and fish and products based on plant extracts. The results will be proposed to African small and medium enterprises interested in putting the ideas into practice.

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