Creating one thousand kitchen gardens in schools, villages and on the outskirts of African towns - that is the goal of A Thousand Gardens in Africa, launched by Terra Madre, an organisation that promotes high quality local smallscale agriculture that respects the environment. Pilot schemes are already under way at schools in Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya and Uganda.

The kitchen gardens are cultivated with sustainable methods (such as compost, natural protection against pests and weeds and careful water management), using local varieties. They include fruit trees, vegetables and medicinal plants. Both child and adult gardeners are trained in these growing techniques, as well as in knowledge of local products, the concept of biodiversity, respect for the environment, sustainable use of soil and water and the handing down of knowledge from the elderly.

The project will be managed and coordinated by the Slow Food Foundation, a global movement which promotes farming that respects the environment and high quality food that favours local products.

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