Based in the Mozambican Province of Nampula, IKURU was founded in 2003 by farmers’ associations whose goal was to produce and market products carrying a quality guarantee. Initial funding for the company came from ethical investors from Mozambique and abroad. Entirely controlled by its members, IKURU means strength in the Makhuwa language. Its products are fully certified and internationally recognised. It exports cashews and peanuts under a fairtrade label, and soybeans, peanuts and sesame under an organic label.

The company has about 22,000 share- holders – 40% of whom are women – grouped into 29 associations in the north of the country, and is the most successful farmer-owned business in Mozambique. Total sales volumes increased from 300 t of produce in 2004 to 2,150 t in 2010. These included quality seeds and represented an average annual growth rate of 50%. The success has led to a substantial increase in revenue for farmers who, for the first time ever, have had a say in the quality control and marketing of their products.

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