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African seed companies are becoming major producers in sub-Saharan Africa

African seed companies are now the major seed producers in sub-Saharan Africa. This is the result of the Program for Africa’s Seed Systems, launched in 2007 by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa. This programme aimed to guarantee a regular supply of seeds of improved varieties adapted to local conditions. From 2,000 t produced by a handful of companies, seed production was raised to more than 80,000 t in 2013 provided by about 80 small and medium-sized firms across Africa. Some 464 new varieties of 15 major crops, such as maize, cassava, millet, rice, sorghum, bean, sweet potato and pigeon pea, have been specifically developed for African climates and soils. According to a survey conducted in 2013 in nine countries, the majority of the farmers who invested in improved varieties saw their yields increase by 50% to 100%.

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