Booming tilapia production in Kwanza Sul

Ensuring that good quality food is available to the Angolan population is one of the major challenges undertaken by Luanda’s government. And aquaculture is an obvious ‘tool’ for this task.

The Angolan province Kwanza Sul is the main focus for entrepreneurs in the fish sector and the Luanda government to create a strong aquaculture sector, especially with tilapia, which is already being produced on a small scale but with approximately 250 additional producers ready to enter the market.
The Secretary of State for Agriculture, Zacarias Sambeny, was recently in the area where most of the tilapia producers are based and he assured producers that aquaculture is an important part of the government’s strategy to allow people access to high-quality food. During the visit Sambeny also mentioned ongoing studies focusing on the environmental impact of fish farming in the region and the introduction of regulations to ensure the appropriate use of medication and fish feed.
One of the aquaculture entrepreneurs operating in Kwanza Sul, Manuel Macedo, sees production of tilapia and other species as “a potentially good bet” but admits that, “even if you are already taking the first steps,” ensuring that there are “new and bold ways of financing” is paramount for achieving a level of production sufficient to meet Angolan market demands.

Nina Mendes

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