Africa is the continent that stands to be hardest hit by climate change and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the process is already under way. But the picture is very varied, with drought in some places and floods in others, and there is still considerable confusion about what the future is likely to bring.

This book outlines the most probable consequences of climate change for different parts of Africa and for different sectors. It starts with a review of what science now predicts before examining the scales at which adaptation needs to take place. There are specific sections on water, forestry and agricultural production, with analyses of the effects of global warming and a look at some of the efforts being made to mitigate changes. The growing risk of conflict over increasingly scarce natural resources receives detailed attention. On a more positive note, there is an interesting discussion of what various African countries might gain from a low-carbon economy, in which the sale of carbon services forms an ever larger source of income. Examples include payments for avoided deforestation and the growth in biofuel production.

Climate Change in Africa
By C Toulmin
Zed Books, 2009. 172 pp.
US$22.95 - €17
ISBN 978 1848130159
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