Local communities have a wide range of resources and strategies available for adapting to climate change. With the right support, especially in predicting how and when fluctuating temperatures, sea level rise, flooding and drought might affect them, they can do much to offset the impact. A set of eight case studies from Africa, Latin America and South Asia, is combined here with a general analysis of community-based climate adaptation. The overwhelming conclusion is that although methods may differ greatly, community networks play a key role to help people living in developing countries gain access to knowledge and resources for dealing with climate change. The book examines how agencies can assist local communities in adapting to change and how communities can make the most of the information they are given.

A second book focuses on the impact of temperature and rainfall variability on water availability and safety. Millions of people are affected every year by droughts and floods. Future climate change is likely to make things worse. Climate Change Adaptation in the Water Sector looks at some of the likely consequences for water resource management, and offers advice to planners and developers as to how to incorporate climate information into their management structures. It offers a compendium of specific adaptation strategies, with guidance on how good water management can and should reduce the vulnerabiity of this key resource. The second part of the book contains specific case studies, including one analysing the benefits and costs of measures for coping with climate change in South Africa’s Berg River Basin.

Understanding Climate Change Adaptation: Lessons from Community-based approaches
By J Ensoor & R Berger
Practical Action, 2009. 208 pp.
ISBN 978-1-85339-683-0
Practical Action Publishing
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for Technology and Development
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CV23 9QZ
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Climate Change Adaptation in the Water Sector
Edited by F Ludwig, P Kabat, H van Schaik & M van der Valk
Earthscan, 2009. 274 pp.
ISBN 978-1-84407-652-9
GBP45.95 - €54
Dunstan House
14a St Cross Street
Fax: +44 (0)20 7242 1474

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