Much has been written recently about China's growing presence in Africa, and Spore has already reviewed other books on this topic (see Spore 132). This collection of essays, many of them written by scholars from China and developing countries, seeks to put the China-Africa relationship into perspective.

China's involvement in Africa has three main thrusts: direct investment, aid and trade. In each dimension, China's engagement is dwarfed by those of the USA and European countries and is often smaller than those of other Asian economies. The book analyses China's expansion in Africa, as well as other parts of the South, including Latin America, and examines the economic, social and environmental impact. Some of the contributions concede that China's engagement in Africa may pose threats, and that caution needs to be exercised. But the general consensus is that the new partnership presents many opportunities for African development.

China's New Role in Africa and the South; A search for a new perspective

Edited by D Crace-Guerrero & F Manji
Famahu, 2008. 258 pp.
ISBN 978-1-906387-26-6
GBP16.95 - €21.50
Famahu Books
51 Cornmarket Street
Oxford OX1 3HA, UK
Fax: + 44 1865 727909


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