Tropical trees continue to disappear ten times faster than they are replaced. This trend poses a serious threat to many rural communities. Whether in forests, savannahs, farmland or woodlands, tropical trees are a valuable natural resource. They maintain and improve soil fertility, offer protection from sun, wind and heavy rain, and provide useful products, including fruit, timber and medicines.

Information is still lacking about most local species, the majority of which have yet to be domesticated. Seeds are not always readily available.

This, the fifth and final volume in the series Tropical Trees: Propagation and Planting Manuals, offers practical, illustrated guidelines on how to grow and care for tropical trees on any scale. It includes sections on how to select the most suitable trees for a particular setting or purpose, how to identify the best young trees and transport them safely to the planting site, when and how to plant trees and how to protect them from pests and diseases. Sources of further information as well as checklists and record sheets are provided in a handy wire-bound format so that pages can easily be photocopied for use in the field. Other recent titles in the series include Preparing to Plant Tropical Trees and Raising Seedlings of Tropical Trees.

Planting and Establishment of Tropical Trees

By P de Groot & D Upton
Commonwealth Secretariat, 2008. 142 pp.
ISBN 978-0-85092-708-5
GBP23 - €30
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Marlborough House
Pall Mall
London SW1Y 5HX., UK
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