As millions of rural households know only too well, the effects of HIV/AIDS go way beyond the impact on physical health. Victims are subject to isolation within the community as they struggle to keep their farms and other activities going, despite the ravages of the disease. Family members also suffer, as the burden of extra work takes its toll, adding to the emotional trauma. Support from neighbours and agricultural officers, who in other circumstances might have helped bridge the gap, is often inadequate as they too are overwhelmed by increasing demands on their limited resources.

There are, however, a number of ways in which farming practices can be adapted to mitigate the effects of HIV/AIDS. Aimed at agricultural extension officers, NGOs and development workers from international organisations, this manual, part of the Agrodok series, explores practical methods for alleviating the difficulties. Strategies examined include switching from labour-intensive, high-input activities such as coffee and dairy farming to low-input sectors such as agroforestry, conservation tillage and poultry keeping. The guide highlights the importance of nutritious food, including fruit and vegetables, for HIV/AIDS sufferers and recommends growing medicinal plants to treat some of the symptoms of the disease. The need for knowledge emerges as a major theme, whether it be in relation to the illness itself or in coping with its effects.

Two other popular titles have been revised and updated in the Agrodok series: The Home Garden in the Tropics and Small-Scale Freshwater Fish Farming. Both offer practical help and come with plenty of clear illustrations to guide readers.

Mitigating the Effects of HIV/AIDS in Small-Scale Farming
By A Lengkeek, M Koster & M Salm
Agrodok n°45
Agromisa/CTA, 2008. 76 pp.
ISBN 978-90-8573-090-3 (Agromisa) / 978-92-9081-383-5 (CTA)
CTA number 1438
5 credit points
The Home Garden in the Tropics
By E Verheij & H Waaijenberg
Agrodok n°9
Agromisa/CTA, 2008. 90 pp.
ISBN 978-90-8573-087-3 (Agromisa) / 978-92-9081-380-4 (CTA)
CTA number 1435
5 credit points
Small-Scale Freshwater Fish Farming

By E Carballo, A van Eer, T van Schie & A Hilbrands
Agrodok n°15
Agromisa/CTA, 2008. 90 pp.
ISBN 978-90-8573-077-4 (Agromisa) / 978-92-9081-364-4 (CTA)
CTA number 1441
5 credit points


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