The hike in global food prices of 2007/8 was the biggest increase since the crisis of 1973-75. Rice was a particular casualty, with world prices tripling in the space of just 3 months in early 2008. The effects were devastating in many developing countries, where rice is the staple food and the crop most widely grown by farmers. The dizzying inflation led to mass public demonstrations in many countries.

The causes of the rice crisis that gives its name to this book were somewhat different from the factors that fuelled price rises in other cereals such as maize and wheat. Here, rice experts from around the world, including ACP countries, give their views on what happened. Also presented is a set of references on the world rice market and an analysis of trade policies affecting the sector. The aim is to lay the foundations for designing better policies, so that shocks to international rice markets do not cause similar havoc in the future.

The Rice Crisis
Markets, Policies
and Food Security
Edited By D Dawe
Earthscan/FAO. 392 pp.
ISBN 978-18497-1134-0
GB60 • €71
Dunstan House
14a St Cross Street
London EC1N 8XA UK
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