Better access to water supplies is no guarantee of safety. On the contrary, tap water in many developing countries can often prove unfit to drink, due to inadequate treatment, recontamination during transport or storage or at home. Point-of-use (PoU) and small-scale treatment offer considerable scope for improving access to safe drinking water. Recent studies show that PoU reduces diarrhea morbidity for children under 5 by 29%. A booklet that focuses on water treatment in rural areas examines some of the options for families, communities or villages to procure safe water supplies. Innovative, simple to use and quite often ingenious, these smart solutions are also affordable for most.

Some 21 different disinfectant technologies are presented here, based on various treatment techniques. They range from filtration by ceramic, sand or membrane to post-disinfectant techniques such as chlorination, heat, ultra violet treatment or silver. The guide takes two pages to present each system, describing it in clear terms and using pictograms to convey its efficiency in removing pathogens, the capacity of the technology and the price per unit of water.

Smart Disinfection Solutions Examples of Small-Scale Disinfection Products for Safe Drinking Water
By D Bouman, P Hiemstra
& W Novalia
KIT/ NWP/Aqua for All/Witteveen+Bos, 2010. 76 pp.
ISBN 978-94-6022-101-9
US$19.95 • €15
KIT Publishers
PO Box 95001
1090 HA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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