Outbreaks of locusts and grasshoppers can dramatically reduce crop yields and cause mass food shortages. Appropriate application techniques are essential to minimise environmental damage and maximise the effects of pesticides. Since the discovery of synthetic pesticides, application techniques for pesticide control have developed rapidly. Pesticides have themselves become more potent and specific and therefore require more precision in application. New materials and technologies have also led to major improvements in application equipment. Ultra low volume equipment (ULV) is now widely used in ground and aerial spraying.

This book attempts to provide operators with a practical manual to guide them in the ULV application process. It explains the principle behind ULV application and offers clear guidance on how best to use the technique, with minimum waste and environmental impact. It also discusses some of the most common pitfalls.

Locust Control Handbook
By T Rachadi
CTA/Quae, 2010. 168 pp.
ISBN 978-2-7592-0864-7
CTA number 1613
10 credit points

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