Two decades after videos were made of farmers’ groups and their landscapes in Burkina Faso and Kenya, the same team has returned to find out how the same places – and many of the same people – are faring today. The two initial videos, Looking after our Land and Building on Traditions, recorded new participatory approaches to conserve soil and water and re-establish trees in farmers’ fields. The follow-up documentary, More People, More Trees, traces developments that have occurred since the original filming 20 years ago.

The film shows that significant developments have taken place, in spite of challenges such as climate change and a growing population. Most spectacularly, the areas revisited now have more trees than ever, planted and protected by local people. The result, as the footage clearly shows, is healthier ecosystems and better livelihoods for producers and their families. An accompanying book develops the messages in the film and describes the technologies employed by the communities, providing data to support their testimonies. It also looks at the current challenges of soil conservation in the context of climate change.

More People, More Trees Environmental Recovery in Africa
By W Critchley
Action, 2010.
200 pp. + DVD
DVD + 200 pp
CTA number 1617
20 credit points

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