In an average day, women in Africa and Asia carry 20 kg of water on their heads over a distance of 6 km. In 2025, the number of people suffering from inadequate water supplies is expected to reach 3 billion. Methods of collecting and storing water can and should be improved in order to resolve such shortages and unequal water supplies. There are a many techniques available. Some of them have existed for years, but have been forgotten or neglected.

This booklet offers practical advice on how to improve the situation. It provides information on all the main techniques for recovering and storing water, showing how inexpensive technologies can help poor families live healthier lives and double or even triple household revenue. All the techniques outlined are easy to set up for a small cost and have been tried and tested. In addition to well-drilling and treadle pumps, other technologies described include the use of sunlight to purify water, effective low-cost water filters, low-cost drip irrigation and locally produced hand pumps that are five times cheaper than imported pumps.

Smart Water Solutions Examples of innovative, low-cost technologies for wells, pumps, storage, irrigation and water treatment
CTA/KIT, 2010. 48 pp.
ISBN 978-94-6022-005-0
CTA number 1620
5 credit points

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