The Millennium Development Goals call for the number of people without access to safe water and basic sanitation to be halved by 2015. That would result in a significant drop in diarrhoeal disease, 88% of which is caused by unsafe water supplies and inadequate sanitation and hygiene. Solutions adapted for a wide range of circumstances exist, and many of them are both simple and affordable. This booklet presents some of the best technologies available: the Aborloo, dry toilets or ones that require very little water, waterless urinals, the fossa alterna double pit toilet and various systems for waste collection and transport.

A section on treatment explains different techniques including com- posting, planted soil filters and anaerobic digestion. This process has the advantage of producing biogas which can be used as household or farm energy. The guide is a useful source for anyone wanting to improve their sanitary conditions, using simple low-cost technologies that are also environment-friendly.

Smart sanitation solutions Examples of innovative, low-cost technologies for toilets, collection, transportation, treatment
and use of sanitation products
CTA/KIT, 2010. 68 p.
ISBN 978-94-6022-002-9
CTA number 1618
5 credit points

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