It is not always easy to pinpoint the signs of good quality potato plants. In sub-Saharan Africa, seeds sold by commercial producers are often too expensive for small-scale farmers. The International Potato Center (CIP) and the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) have therefore joined forces in an effort to improve the quality of seed potatoes saved directly at the farm.

A three-part kit designed to be used over a 9-month period should help trainers to teach producers how to improve the quality of farm saved seed potatoes. It consists of a manual presenting the nine sessions, with a learning method based on practical examples and easily adapted to specific conditions. The main diseases are described, along with a simple but comprehensive explanation of positive selection - when and how to select the best seed potatoes. A picture book contains good quality photographs illustrating the various symptoms of potato diseases, such as bacterial wilt, late blight and viral diseases.

A small guide aimed at the producers themselves completes the kit, with a summary of positive selection techniques, together with photographs.

Select the best: Positive selection to improve farm saved seed potatoes: Trainers manual
CIP/CTA, 2009. 114 pp.
ISBN 978-92-9060-302-3
CTA number 1538
10 credit points
Picture book
CIP/CTA, 2009. 19 pp.
ISBN 978-92-9060-365-8
CTA number 1541
10 credit points
Farmer field aid
CIP/CTA, 2009. 8 pp.
ISBN 978-92-9060-366-5
CTA number 1544
1 credit point

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