By and large, globalisation has not led to poverty reduction. On the contrary, in some cases it appears to have deepened the divide between rich and poor countries, especially in the case of landlocked and small states. A new book seeks to highlight some of the reasons for this state of affairs, examining why the least developed countries and other poorer countries have failed to grow as quickly as other economies in recent years. Past domestic and international policies have neglected the interests of the poorest countries, argues the author. The voice of countries of the South is too little heard in international organisations and negotiations, he says. The book is critical of many international institutions managing the global economic system and makes a number of recommendations for reforms that could help shift the balance towards the interests of the poor.

Trade, Growth and Poverty Reduction: Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small States in the Global Economic System
By T N Srinivasan
Commonwealth Publications, 2009. 152 pp.
ISBN 978-0-85092-896-9
GBP20 - €24
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London SW1Y 5HX.
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