Numerous changes have taken place in the food processing industry since this guide, widely regarded as a standard text for the sector, was last revised in 2000. The new edition has been substantially rewritten, updated and extended to take account of such developments, particularly advances in microprocessor control of equipment, the advent of genetic modification and functional foods and breakthroughs in ‘intelligent’ packaging and storage.

The book describes the various processing techniques that are used in food manufacturing, explaining the principles of each process, the equipment used and the effects of processing on micro-organisms that contaminate foods. It covers operations that take place at ambient temperature or involve minimum heating of foods; techniques that heat foods to preserve them and others that remove heat from foods to extend their shelf-life. A final section describes post-processing operations, including packaging and distribution.

Food processing technology: Principles and practice
By P J Fellows
Woodhead, 2009. 928 pp.
ISBN 978-1-84569-216-2
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Granta Park
Great Abington
CB21 6AH
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