Indispensable information

The interview with Sarah Ogalleh Ayeri caught the attention of Mr Obed Tuabu, who writes: “This is commendable. More grease to your elbow. I like the fact that farmer’s cooperation has given you the impetus to continue research. What I have observed over the years as a research fellow in agrarian studies is that farmers are always willing to learn something new to raise the productivity of their lands. Practically, I think farmers need this information more than policy makers. There are so many excellent research findings that are left on decision making tables of policy (politics) makers which has never left the stage of consideration to implementation. Africa is bedeviled with this cold feet attitude to adopt sound policy measures to mitigate or adapt to looming dangers facing agriculture and future food security as far as climate change is concerned. I will encourage NGOs whose efforts over the years have improved livelihoods in Africa to pick up research findings and work with them for better output in agriculture. Sarah once again I congratulate you.”

Easier reading

A Spore reader for many years, Mr Frank Hagan suggests making a few changes: “The printed letters (characters) are too small to make them readily visible to those of us with less than perfect eyesight. I strongly feel that addresses, mail and websites would best serve a greater use if they are written with bolder, larger characters. I also feel feedback should be reported on whether innovations or processes that appeared in Spore get functional applications with good results (…). Video reports also make great visual impact and we would like to see more on the Web in easily accessible forms.” He ends his observations with a suggestion for an article: “I have come across the subject of ‘Aquaponics’ on the web and it would be great to see it covered in Spore. Basically, aquaponics deals with a combination of fish raising together with green leaf vegetables in a closed circuit system without artificial chemical inputs.”

We are grateful to this reader for his comments and suggestions which we will take into consideration. Feel free to write and give us your observations and opinions on Spore! Your letters help us in our constant efforts to improve the content and layout of your magazine!

The power of peppers

Mr Jimoh John is intrigued: “What a wonderful discovery to know that elephants can be warded off with just red-pepper plants!”

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